The Hutchins Consort

The Hutchins Consort plays on the eight scaled violins designed and built by luthier Dr. Carleen Hutchins. The fruits of her labor are the eight Hutchins violins, ranging in size from the 18.5-inch treble to the 7.2-foot contrabass. Like all violins, these instruments capture the emotional element of the music. But they have the additional advantage of being crafted as a complete set with the same harmonic DNA — giving them the ability to produce a unique array of sounds that add a new dimension to the works they perform.

Based in Southern California, the Hutchins Consort brings together a group of extraordinary players to tackle the challenge of adapting the techniques of traditional strings, as well as inventing new techniques, to master the instruments Dr. Hutchins created. This ensemble of gifted musicians redefines the customarily accepted perception of the chamber music concert with programs that combine great works of virtually every musical genre from the Renaissance to Rock. For more info go to


Heart Medicine consists of three soulful songtresses with a heART for humanity and a mission to Unite. 

Krista Richards, Annie Anton and Jess Magic harmonize a collection of original and re-purposed soul-songs custom crafted for your heart's freedom and fulfillment. Go to

Steve Gold

Steve Gold is a motivational singer, songwriter, best selling recording artist, and Certified Happiness Coach. Steve travels the world singing at workshops, conferences and corporate and public events where his ability to spontaneously transform the energy of the room lives beyond his performance and has a powerful impact on communities. He has facilitated guided musical meditations with Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Robert Holden, (Louise) Hay House and others. 

Steve's albums have been distributed in over 50 countries, his latest album, Let Your Heart Be Known, has been called "a soulful genre-buster, destined to be a classic" by LA Yoga magazine. In addition to performing, Steve is regularly featured in Origin Magazine and Mantra Health and Yoga Magazine. Go to

Rockers 4 Wildlife was founded by Paul Padgett, a Renaissance man with a passion for the environment. His work as a musician, composer, and producer led him to found his non-profit Rockers 4 Wildlife that was conceptualized while working with Slash from Guns n’ Roses at the Wildlife Way Station. Paul and Rockers 4 Wildlife work hard to be a voice for the voiceless animals of the world both domestically and abroad by participating in emergency rescues and by planning and implementing solutions for environmental issues.

Our mission here at Rockers 4 Wildlife is to help implement solutions by strategic planning and implementation from start to finish with any size team needed for whatever it is we're facing. For over 32 years Paul and his teams have been saving lives, both human and animal. We go out into some of the toughest terrains, oceans and seas of the planet to see and document, then help find and implement solutions. Go to

Ron Whitaker

Ron Whitaker is a rock drummer who has played with Journey, the Goo Goo Dolls, Guns N' Roses, Def Leppard, and many others. More importantly he has won many Humanitarian Awards. He then found himself as an endorser of several cutting-edge percussive products over the years. As he proudly points out, he never endorsed a product he did not believe in and play personally. Ron was an early organizer of fundraisers for medical and dental coverage for musicians in need.



Growing up on a farm in Ohio, Stephen fell in love with animals at a very early age.  Drawing them and painting them, he grew to appreciate their fragility.  In 2007 he produced a high-energy live art painting show featuring endangered animals.  Designed to educate and creatively inspire participation in the plight of endangered animals and environments via an unforgettable explosion of art and imagination.

Since then, Stephen’s vision has led to the development of the For Life Collection of fine art.  Vivid canvasses of endangered animals that seem to simultaneously capture their environments and their very souls.  People are often deeply moved by the images in this collection.  Whether you find Stephen the Pollack of pandas or the Botticelli of Bengal Tigers, you cannot walk away from a For Life Collection painting unaffected.  

“Our goal is for the For Life Collection to directly impact our conservation partners with financial support and global reach in raising awareness for the plight of these beautiful animals,” he says.  Proceeds from paintings sold from the For Life Collection, and from the shows, go to support Stephen’s wildlife conservation partners, such as the San Diego Zoo, Wild Wonders and the San Diego Humane Society.  Since 2007, he has traveled the world with his conservation-focused live art show, educating audiences about the plight of endangered species from the San Diego Zoo to Downtown Disney to Japan and the Middle East. Go to

La vie dance & Culture

  • Providing positive opportunities and experiences to help influence, encourage and enhance the lives of our youth and community today.
  • Believing self-expression and exercise through performing, creative and visual arts are a significant method and tool in overcoming social obstacles.
  • Hosting monthly workshops, exhibits and cultural events by artisans, performers and specialized individuals from throughout San Diego, the US and abroad.
  • Providing artistic, cultural activities, workshops, exhibits and events, while protecting the traditions, historical information, languages, expression and worldwide values.
  • Go to

The Rumi Experience

Craig Lozzi is a poet and a performer, with an entrancing and moving style of recitation. His events unfold as a sacred place for contemplation, allowing the verses to percolate through different layers of consciousness. Rumi was my initiator, mesmerizing my sensibilities with his mystical, magical presence. I have found that by committing these poems to memory, they find residence in my heart and expression through my voice and gestures. I become simply a vehicle for the poem.” As Rumi said, “Listen for presences inside of poems. Let them take you where they will. Follow those private hints and never leave the premises.”

ADDitional Artists

richard tichelman ~ sacred water blessing mint ~ kayley stallings ~ davin  infinity ~ violette ~ dragonfly alchemy ~ La vie dance & Culture