planet love project



 We are a conscious tribe dedicated to being happy and grateful, serving our Earth with the planting of trees, restoring the coral reefs, planting bee friendly wild flower gardens and restoring our oceans.

The Planet Love Project is a 501(C)3 nonprofit California organization in good standing with a nineteen year history. We are illuminating hearts with creative projects, solutions and love. The Planet Love Project is a celebration of our beautiful living planet, oceans, forests, gardens, and wildlife. We are happy and grateful to be able to serve our Spaceship Mother Earth!

The Planet Love Project is dedicated to the next seven generations and beyond. Our children’s children need clean water and air to breathe. We are planting a diversity of trees our children can climb in the forest. We are cultivating organic vegetable and bee friendly flower gardens where our kid's can dance with hummingbirds and butterflies. We are protecting our pristine oceans with an abundance of life, and new coral reefs where we can swim free with wild playful dolphins.




Our innovative new campaign is being activated now and hopes to garnish support and collaboration with other nonprofit organizations, environmental celebrities, indigenous tribes, musicians, artists, change makers, media, and like-minded corporate sponsors. We are implementing positive environmental solutions. Together, we can thrive while embracing our Earth with love!  


Contributing Sponsors

We are in gratitude to the following sponsors for the Planet Love Fest: